Sell My House Fast Austin

Sell My House Fast Austin

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Googling “Sell My House Fast Austin”

If you are Googling “Sell My House Fast Austin” then you may need some help.  If you plan to list your property on MLS, be sure to research agents in your area to find one who does a great job of marketing their listings and who has strong success rates.  We can refer you to some great agents in the Austin metro area if you need help finding one.

You should free your home of unnecessary clutter and excess furniture.  The more attractive your home looks, the easier it will be for potential buyers to envision themselves living there.  Since you are planning to move soon, it’s a great time to donate clothing you don’t wear anymore and baby items you don’t need anymore.  It is also a good time to start packing up more personal items like family photos and memorabilia.  Buyers may feel less connected to a home full of personal items.  Some may even feel like they are invading on your personal space, which you definitely don’t want.  They need to feel at home!

If your home is painted in very vibrant colors, consider repainting in more neutral tones.  Grays and beiges are very trendy now and vibrant colors will turn off many buyers.  Also, consider the furniture arrangement in your home.  Buyers should have room to move around as they tour your home and each room should have a clear purpose.  For example, a multi-purpose room that you currently use for dining, office and playroom will be harder for buyers to envision using.  Consider revamping the task centers in your home until it is sold so buyers can “see themselves” in every space.

Outside you need to trim up trees and bushes, keep your lawn trimmed and edged weekly, clean up windows and doors, and remove any trash, debris and clutter.  Be sure your paint looks fresh, and clean any brick, concrete, stone and decking.  Consider paying for an inspection now so you can fix any problems in advance or allow for the cost of any repairs in your listing price.

When your house is showing, be sure the beds are made, floors are clean, clutter is picked up, home smells good, window coverings are opened and lights are on. Colorful potted plants will add charm and warmth.  Baking cookies before a showing really gives your home added appeal!  Statistics show that an empty home does not show as well as one that is lived in, so if you have already moved out, consider hiring a staging company to make your home show at its very best.

If all of this seems overwhelming, or you just don’t have the time or resources to make it happen, consider contacting us at 855-800-0014.  As real estate investors, we buy homes as-is, regardless of condition.

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