Need to sell house fast Austin?

Need to sell house fast Austin?

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If you need to sell house fast Austin, we can help you!  

We are real estate investors, not agents or brokers.  What does that mean to you?  No obligation- with a realtor you typically sign an exclusive listing agreement for several months.  You won’t be under any obligation to deal with us.  Also, since we aren’t realtors, we don’t charge you any commissions, which will save you thousands of dollars!

We can close in your time frame.  With a typical closing through an agent and selling to a homeowner taking 45-60 days or more under new regulations, we can save you lots of time!  This is a huge advantage if you really need to sell house fast Austin!  And we are flexible- maybe you need to sell now to have money for your next home purchase, but need a place to live until you buy that next home.  We can work out a lease back agreement to help you span that gap in time.  We also have an extensive network of other investors and re-habbers and can offer you assistance to find a great new home!

Also, we buy homes as is, which means you won’t have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to fix anything that is flagged during an inspection.  If you don’t have the money to take care of repairs before closing, or if you live out of the area and can’t coordinate contractors for repairs, this convenience is a great stress-reliever!  Don’t worry that your home might be in such bad shape we wouldn’t be interested.  We can deal with foundation problems, fire and water damage, etc.

And finally, we pay CASH, so you won’t be waiting around wondering if your buyer is going to get loan approval.  If you have already had your home under contract and waited a couple of months only to learn that your buyers didn’t qualify for a loan, then you know all too well how disheartening this can be!  Well, wait no more!  We have cash available in a matter of days!

The way we work is very easy.  We ask you a few questions over the phone about your property and your situation.  Once we have all of the basic details, if we feel your property is a good fit for us, we can make an offer very quickly- usually within 1-2 days.  So, what are you waiting for?

Give us a call today at 855-800-0014 for a no obligation offer on your home!

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